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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Uncle Sent Me Some Treasures

I previously posted about writing a letter to my uncle, asking if he had any stories or photos of our family's history that he could share and then speaking to him on the phone.

A couple weeks later he sent me this great envelope full of treasures.
There were several photos, some that my mother had copies of, and some that she did not.
He also included some obituary data, a list of relatives and some brief data of the towns my great grandparents lived in.

I brought the package down to my parents house to look at all the goodies.
My mother really enjoyed seeing the photos that she did not have copies of.

There was a partial photo that was colorized of my grandmother from the shoulders up wearing a huge hat. My mother said she could remember the photo framed in their home when she was a young child. The full photo was her mother from the waist up. I can't wait to scan it. There was also a black and white photo of my grandmother in another large hat that my mother said she cannot ever remember seeing before.

I had my laptop go on the blink just after getting the package in the mail. Now I finally have my new laptop up and running and I can get back to scanning and put these photos in my online photo album. You can check here in a few days for the new photos: