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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Blessing From Findagrave

I was just thrilled when I was working on my husband's Italian side of the family last night on Ancestry and one of the hints came up as a Findagrave entry. Now I don't understand how this happens, but I have searched Findagrave in the past and these entries did not show up. According to the memorial added date on Findagrave they have been there for years. Nevertheless I am really happy to have this information. My husband was thrilled and enjoyed reading every entry.

This was my husbands grandfather. My husband was a small child and spent a lot of time with his grandparents. He called his grandfather "Poppa".

He was married to Sara Margaret Falcone, who my husband called "Momma"

Unfortunately there is no image available on Findagrave but here is the link to her memorial

We were both really happy to see her mother was entered on Findagrave with a photo of her.
My husband's great grandmother Josephine Strollo Falcone.

His great grandfather John Falcone is on Findagrave but is another entry without a photo.

There were some wonderful family hints on these memorials. We found out that Josephine Strollo was born Colian, Salerno, Italy,  and John Falcone was born in Valva, Salerno, Italy.

One of our dreams is to go to Italy and visit the areas that my husband's family is from. We have another branch of the tree to trace and then we will have both the Falcone and the Gagliano's home towns. 

I am so thankful and grateful to the family member who entered these memorials.
There was other information about siblings and even occupations that some of the family members held. If you haven't hunted ancestors on Findagrave, you should really give it a try.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Old Film Old Photos

My father gave me a box with some old rolls of film in tin film cans from approx. 1945. Some have writing scratched on the outside of the film roll: Visit to the farm, Paris, etc. and a few  have nothing written on them.

In this day and age of digital, film is almost non existant, and anyone that seems to do anything with film does not do processing on site. I don't want to send these out somewhere and I don't know if they are even able to be processed.

If anyone that reads this blog has some advice on these film rolls, please leave me a comment, thanks.

This is a photo from some film my father had developed from that time period when he was in Paris.
I suspect I would find something similar on these film negatives unless the are useless at this age.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Need Organizing Again

I can't believe it is 2013 already. Looking at the last time I posted to this blog it has been several months. Wow, I apologize for that, I hope to do better this year.
I seem to have accumulated way too much stuff for scanning. That is a good thing, so many people have nothing from their family. But I seriously need to get organize. I have lost focus of what has been scanned and not scanned.
  On March 6, 2011, I shared photos of my boxes of family goodies.
Well sadly instead of it getting better, it is really a mess now.

I moved everything to a different room in the house, one of our spare bedrooms.
My desk is buried on top and stuffed underneath!
More stuff and the big cabinet is my sewing cabinet.
All sewing is on hold at the moment.
A tiny peek into the closet, there are boxes on the floor too, but you get the idea.
I found some nice photo boxes on sale and bought a few and also found some archival sleeves.
Now to dig in and get things sorted.
I also need to organize my bookmarks for researching here online. I am thinking of adding a page to my blog where I can paste the links in some sort of a order rather than a long list in my browser.
I think it may help me to put my Kansas research in one group and Iowa in another, generic family history sites in another.
How do you organize your research and scanning?